• The mischievous card game is here!

  • Ideas

    We generate ideas for our games ourselves. We aim for them to be completely unique and authentic. Why bother creating something that already exists? They also have to be fresh and exciting not only for us, but for everyone!

  • Development

    After we have a worthy idea, we go through a long and responsible process of developing a theme and fluent playing mechanics, a lot of trouble shooting and play-testing. In the meantime, we also work on the visual part: create illustrations, consistent design aesthetics and layouts. We design everything – from the idea to the packaging.

  • Publishing

    When we are satisfied with the game we have created, we have to make sure it is made into a product that people can get and enjoy. We deal with manufacturing processes at a partner factory by thorough communication and collaboration. We manufacture of games only in the best materials.

  • Marketing

    Working closely together with our partners, we create marketing materials according to given feedback and specific situations.  

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