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Cheesy Heist

Cheesy Heist

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Cheesy Heist is a mischievous card game of cheese, cats, and mice, where players bluff, sabotage and steal from each other to be the first to collect 5 Cheese cards and get rid of all Cat cards from their hand.


Age: 10+
Players: 2-5 (best 4)
Playtime: 15 min


Release date: 2022
Authors: Monika Sumauskaite & Vilius Vaura.
Language of the game: English.
Box: 100x70x35 mm shoulder-neck box.
Cards: 75 vintage-inspired 59x92 mm cards with rounded corners.
Rulebook: Folded A4 leaflet. 
Made in EU

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about the rules


The draw pile was depleted before anyone could gather 5 CHEESE cards. Is the game over?

Not yet! If you want to draw a card on your turn, but the draw pile is depleted, players must drop down their cards for the last time, as if a CAT card was played. You start the collecting. The player with the most CHEESE and no CAT cards in their hand win. If two or more players have the same amount of CHEESE – they both win. If everyone still has CATS – everyone loses.

Can I resist or deny the other player from taking my cards, if the CAT; ACTION; MIRAGES cards were played?

Unfortunately, no. You have to comply with the player, who played ATTACK or MIRAGES cards. During the card collecting, after the CAT card is played, the dropped-down cards are considered for everyone to take.

Am I allowed to shuffle cards in my hand?

Yes, anytime, if they are in your hand and not dropped down.

Can I place multiple CAT cards on my turn?

No, you can play only one CAT card on your turn. One is plenty already.

When the CAT card is played and all cards are dropped on the table, can I keep my dropped-down cards in a pile, and not spread them?

You can, but we recommend you to spread them out for faster and less chaotic card collecting. Other players may scatter your cards anyway.

When the CAT card is played and all cards are dropped on the table, do all players have to shuffle their cards together?

No. All players drop down their cards face-down in front of them in their separate rows. Dropped-down cards are not mixed with the other player's dropped-down cards.

I am 100% sure, that the last dropped-down card is the CAT card. Can I skip my turn and not take that card?

You are not allowed to skip your turn. In this case, you are forced to take that card.

Do I have to play DEFENCE cards if I don't want to?

No, you can choose whether you want to play DEFENCE cards or not.

Do DEFENCE cards have to be played in turn order (clockwise)?

No. DEFENCE cards are special cards that do not comply with the turn order rule. DEFENCE cards can be played by any player, no matter whose turn it is. Everyone has a right to defend themselves.

I have two CHEESE VAULT cards. Can I play them both at once?


I played a CHEESE VAULT on the CAT card, but the other player played a DECOY card right after me. Can I take my CHEESE VAULT card back, since we don't have to drop down our cards?

Sadly, no. Cards that were placed to the discard pile, are considered played and cannot be taken back.

Whose turn is to play after I played a DECOY card?

DEFENCE cards do not change game turn order. In this case, the player sitting on the left to a player, who played the CAT card, starts their turn.

If I play a THIEF card, do I get to draw one card from each player?

No. Each ATTACK card or set of MIRAGES is only used to attack one chosen player at the time.

If I play a GRATER card, can I discard my own 2 cards?

Unfortunately no. ATTACK cards are played to attack other chosen players and not yourself.

I played a GRATER card and picked two cards from one player. Can I take a look at them before putting these cards in the draw pile?

Yes. After blindly picking two cards from another player, you are welcome to look at them. Also, if you want, you can show it off to other players, before putting them back or shuffling them into the draw pile.

I have three MIRAGE cards. Can I play them?

Yes, if it is your turn and you have three all identical (e.g. kettle, kettle, kettle) or three all distinct (party hat, kettle and Christmas tree) MIRAGE cards.