• Small & bold

    DEME games (/dɛmɛ ɡeɪmz/) – a name derived from a Lithuanian word Dėmė, meaning a spot, mark or splash. In art terminology it also means a bold, clear shape. As a game design studio, we aim to leave a mark in the tabletop game industry.

  • Search for meaning

    We started DEME games in 2021, one year after graduating from Vilnius Academy of Arts, design department. Both of us were very motivated and determined to use our design skills to create meaningful things in times of abundance. It didn’t take long until we realised that board game design is the path to take. Playing games is one of the few activities that are not only entertaining but can spark positive emotions, challenge various skills, and most importantly, bring people together for a shared experience.

  • Long forgotten

    We strive to create games that are simple and based on player interactions. Designed for people who might think that board games are scary and not for them. Our aim is to spread the magic of a board game – way out of the gaming community – give everyone a chance to rediscover this great way of entertainment, channel their inner child and share meaningful time with their friends and family.

  • Monika

    Director, Graphic designer

    Visual communication is a vital part of a board game and the experience it creates. Good artwork is the first thing that catches the eye and invites you to play the game. But it is way more than beautiful pictures. Visual design guides the players through the game, sets the mood, creates new worlds, and tells stories that engage people to interact. Being able to do that empowers and motivates me to create!

  • Vilius

    Creative lead, Game designer

    Little do people know how many small things have to work together seamlessly to create an enjoyable playing experience. To me – games are similar to watches – people only see the beautiful outside, while all the secrets and intricacies that make it work are only known to the maker.
    To see people playing, focused on the moment and enjoying time with their friends, brings me joy.